Logfile - Credits

Vocals: Alan Bunning
Piano/Keyboard: Alan Bunning
Acoustic Guitar: Alan Bunning
Electric Guitar: Joe Gonzales
Bass Guitar: John Adams, Joe Gonzales
Drums: Tony Pia, Tony Miller
Percussion: Tony Miller, Alan Bunning
Engineer: Joe Gonzales, Sammy Davenport
Inspiration: Jesus Christ

All music and lyrics written by Alan Bunning, except "Unfailing Love" written by R.F. Evans, Jr. and "Only Waiting" music adapted from "Blackbird" by Lennon/McCartney.

Recorded at Fellowship Bible Church of Park Cities, Dallas, Texas in August 1987.

Copyright 1987 by Alan Bunning. All rights reserved. International Copyright Secured. Verbatim copying and redistribution that includes this notice is permitted for non-commercial use without prior permission.