Although many others have helped with the project, I would like to give special credit to:

The following individuals contributed by pointed out errors or helping on various aspects of the project:

Mark Atkinson, Gustav Berloty, Ivan Dustin Bilon, Radu Brehar, Daniel Buck, Regan Bunning, Bianca Elliot, Richard Fellows, Sébastien Debiais Gao, Leon Grabenšek, Alexis de Guerry, David Harwood, Bram van den Heuvel, Kenny Hilliard III, Robert Hunt, Patrick James, Brian Kelly, Zoltan Kovacs, Mark D. Lloyd, Jillian Marcantonio, James McCollum, Alistair McPherson, Garth Miller, Ezra Morely, David Mott, Joe Nathan, René Nyffenegger, Todd L Price, Gary Shogren, Andy Vogan, Jon Walsh, Jason Weaver, Gregory Wolff, André van Zyl

The CNTR project has been aided by collaborations with the following organizations:

Unfolding Word   GlossaHouse   Daily Dose of Greek   Biblearc   Tyndale House   Freely Given   LightSys   Gracious Tech   Greek Language and Linguistics   Bible Tags   Clear Bible   Biblical Humanities   Wycliffe Associates   Roma Bible Society   Biblical Text