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Character Conditions

cCharacter is present in normal readable text
cCharacter is damaged but traces of the character remain
cCharacter is supplied by non-variant text
cCharacter is supplied by vid
cCharacter is supplied by presence vid
cCharacter is supplied by supposition

Special Characters and Ligatures

Implied nu

Editorial Characters

Nomina sacra, abbreviated numbers, or implied nu at the end of a line
_Word division insertion that was not present in the modern text
Place where there was an alternative verse division
*More words preceding or following the text presumably once existed
[]Words or letters considered suspect in some modern critical texts

Word Conditions

cWord edited by a scribe
cWord repeated in dittography
cWord considered to be a scribal spelling error


*Uncorrected original scribe
a,bCorrection by later scribes

Variant Patterns

- Homeoarchton/Homeoteleuton
- Transposition
- Conflation

Variant Boundaries

Partial Independence/Dependence

Manuscript Context

Metadata information.
Extant manuscript before terminus ad quem of 400 AD.
Statistical Restoration.
Modern critical text.

For more details, consult the CNTR Technical Reference.